Q1. The device wouldn’t do recording and stop at standby mode (power supply-green light shows constantly) after activate if using 64GB SD card.

A: Please do the formatting through control box. It may cause problem on format types error if do formatting through Win/Mac. (Formatting Mode: Press the REC button 3 times short and quick at standby mode and it will automatically reboot after complete formatting)


Q2. I’ve wait the device (X series) for over 40 secs to activate after the vehicle is power on.

A: Normally it takes about 30 secs to activate the device(X series). Make sure update to the latest version if it takes too long to power on.

Q3. How to do the installation of the cable?

A: Please follow the installation instruction for making sure the device working properly (ACC Positive/Battery Positive/Battery Negative). Align and fixed the wire during installation (do not connect with lights power).

Q4. Can I watch live view while driving?

A: Please do not watch live view while driving for your safe driving.

Q5. Does install or uninstall the cable need to be perform sequentially?

A: Please perform install or uninstall the cable according to the following sequence mode.
Install: WiFi Cable→Signal Cable→Cam1 Cable→Power Cable
Uninstall: Power Cable→Cam1 Cable→Signal Cable→WiFi Cable

Q6. Will the WiFi be disrupted by electromagnetic interference?

A: Serious electromagnetic interference may cause WiFi break down. Reboot the device and it will back to normal.

Q7. Will the downloading files been interrupted when there is a phone call or message?

A: Yes. Switch to flight mode when downloading files to avoid interruption.

Q8. The mount of the camera does not match with the one printed on the box.

A: A brand new lower mount – Omega Mount is included in the set and it is easy to use.

Q9. No WiFi available after the installation is complete and the device is power on.

A: Short press the power button (on the side of the control box). The WiFi light (orange color) will turn on and the connection are ready by then.

Q10. Is cam1 and cam2 interchangeable?

A: No. The wiring length and connectors are different.

Q11. How to restore the SSID and password back to default value?

A: When the host is power on with green light (or before the host starts recording with red light), press and hold the REC button for about 15 seconds until blue lights appear, release REC button, the blue and green light will light up constantly. Reboot the device and the WiFi default process is completed.

Q12. The downloaded video files will be stored in which folder?

A: The downloaded video files will be stored in the folder as below:
iOS: Internal Storage ->DCIM ->100APPLE
Android: Internal Storage ->DCIM -> Camera